Retroscope (A flip book movie that goes round and round)

Retroscopes are miniature versions of the old 'peepshow' style viewers. You turn the crank to see the movie. Turn slowly to see step by step action; turn the crank quickly to see the motion zip by. The reels are interchangeable so you can get extra movies.

This movie shows traffic going by in Times Square in NYC. As the usual cabs go by you'll see a gigantic bobble head dinosaur trying to get downtown. Not an easy thing to do for a giant bobble head or for the cabs either.

Construction utilizes a laser for ultra prescise fit. The laser allows us to make these parts in small batches: usually 10 at a time. It also allows us to do tricky things that make the paper cards hold up under intense play by children.

Click to see a Quicktime movie of it in action.

$45 plus shipping. Additional reels are available.

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Front  /  Side  /  Removable Reel