Living vicariously in my year of fashion. How this idea came to be….

I am a graphic designer, toy maker, and self-proclaimed “jazzknitter”. I’m no fashionista but have always loved buttons and printed fabrics and am appreciative of (and take great pleasure in) the wonderful world of fashion. I have a new series of a dozen different paper dolls. Some are classical Victorian, sure to please miniaturists and scrap book lovers alike, while others draw on earlier periods of art and fashion history. I get inspiration for color and pattern from the world around me. One bit of useful color that tends to catch my eye, is the print on the magazine and catalog covers that constantly pile up around my house. A particularly vibrant cover called out to me this summer and even announced what I should do with it, “RIPPED!”. It was bright yellow with huge pink letters and a shiny black New York Times Magazine logo. Without much ado, it became fodder for a first paper doll fashion. What would happen if I made clothing from every magazine cover The New York Times dished out over the course of a year? What fun! I could be like a contestant on Project Runway, scissors poised, ready to take on my next design challenge!
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