tapestry knitting workshop

In this class students will learn to manipulate multiple strands in each row as they "draw" with yarns that have already been painted! We will talk about how to draw small charted elements to incorporate, or the possibility of making an overall charted scheme to work within... or students may wish to complete their entire design freehand as they knit. This class will combine intarsia and fair isle knitting in a loose and creative way. You may wish to do patterning in certain areas or to let your striping yarns make patterns for you. You may sprinkle in textural stitches or beads or embroider areas over top to accentuate details later. In this class you will learn to be open to watching what happens as you knit and to design as you go.

This class is for anyone with a desire to knit pictorial scenes freely and creatively. You need only know how to knit and purl. Choose yarns of any mix of fibers you'd like to work with, either worsted (including several thinner strands held together) or sock weight. Solid color yarns may be mixed with hand painted ones. Bring a collection of small amounts of colors (and textures if you'd like) of yarns in the weight (or combined weight) of your choice. For worsted weight, bring size 7 needles and for sock yarns, bring size 2's. Needles may be straight or circulars though a large tapestry will be more comfortable to knit on circular needles. Be sure to bring your imagination and sense of adventure!